When I was a little kid, I loved playing with alphabet refrigerator tiles, magnet poetry, and building blocks. There is something satisfying about being able to physically grip on to language -- especially when it’s something new to you. 
I also wanted to design a product that changed as different people used it. If the objects around us stay the same, we stop seeing them. As different people interact with the table, it takes on some of their personality and connect them to the people who will use the table next. Alphabetable is meant for kids, but it is the kind of product that adults will find themselves playing with when no one is looking.
Sketching, CAD, Prototyping
To start, I made several prototypes out of cardboard and Duron. I used the prototypes to decide on the appropriate size and structure for the table. I also created Cad files in Solidworks.
Manufacturing Process
To create the base of table, I welded steel tubing together. I spent a long time learning how to weld in the foundry at Stanford. I build the frame out of wood. Finally, I  laser-cut acrylic to create the colorful tiles.
The Final Product
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