I worked as a teaching assistant for the Graduate School of Business classes Designing for AR/VR and Rethinking Purpose. I developed original curriculum based on behavioral science research, created reading lists for the class, arranged guest speakers, and gave feedback on student work. I also conducted research for the class, Humor: Serious Business.

In conjunction with these courses, I co-authored three Graduate School of Business case studies:

"Designing Physical Space to Activate a Mindset of Levity: Gregg Spiridellis (JibJab)” (2018). By Peter Seibert, Sophia Pink, Jennifer Aaker, Naomi Bagdonas.

"Using Humor to Break the Status Barrier with Dick Costolo” (2018). By Peter Seibert, Sophia Pink, Naomi Bagdonas, Jennifer Aaker.

"How to Cultivate Purpose (and Autonomy, Collaboration, and Excellence) in Companies” (2019). By Sophia Pink, Sara Gaviser Leslie, Jake Poses, Debra Schifrin, Jennifer Aaker.

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